Case Closed!


It's official! Bad Detectives is the winner of Tabletop Deathmatch 2014!

It's been one of the hardest secrets I've ever had to keep! However, it's absolutely no secret that a ton of work has been put into Bad Detectives since then. But before I jump into that, I have to thank the incredible judging staff for their feedback and support.

Annalisa, Mike, Rodney, Paul, Luke, and Shari - thank you so much for both the words of encouragement and the valuable criticisms. This game wouldn't have made it anywhere close to completion without your support.

To Graham, Kathleen, Jason, and Emma - thank you for your round-the-clock efforts to make all of us look so damn good.

And of course, this whole crazy ride wouldn't have been possible without all the efforts from Trin, Max, Alex, and the rest of the Cards Against Humanity crew. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity.

Despite the absence of blog updates here since the last Gen Con, work on Bad Detectives has been moving full speed ahead in preparation for Gen Con 2015 - and there's so much I want to discuss about the design process between then and now! I'll save most of that rambling for a follow-up post coming very soon. For now, check out the gallery to see how far the game has come (compared to what you would have seen on camera here, here, or here). The new illustrations and designs were provided by the wonderful and talented Maki Naro and Nicola Black, and I'm so thrilled to have their amazing work featured on these cards. As for how we got to this point, that's a big case file I'm looking forward to recounting with you soon.

Finally, we're still planning to get Bad Detectives ready by Gen Con 2015. If you're looking to hear more about when and how the game is finally available for purchase, don't forget to sign up on the mailing list!

Thanks again for watching Tabletop Deathmatch, and I can't wait to share this game with you all.

- Zach


The Road to Gen Con - 2 days to go

Wow! Where has the time gone?

If you're visiting the site now, it's most likely because you've heard the great news - but if not, I'll happily tell you: Bad Detectives is a finalist in this year's Tabletop Deathmatch! I couldn't be more thrilled with how things have come together over the last month and I'm excited to show you what the game looks like now.

Here's the thing - since we were asked to keep our finalist status a secret until the official reveal, I haven't been posting any development updates over the last month. What you see on the site now isn't necessarily what you're going to see at Gen Con, but don't worry - every change has made a huge improvement to the aesthetic and mechanics of the game. There will be a big update to cover the course of last month's development soon, but right now there's still some play testing to be done!

Looking forward to sharing my work with you all. Stay tuned for more exciting news!