New Content

A small update as development continues to roll along:

Many photos have been dumped into the Playtest Photos section. These are using a color print run of cards which, barring major changes, should look exactly like the set I'll be carrying with me during Gen Con. I'm going to organize these photos into a new page describing how the first three turns of the game might play out, to help supplement the rules text.

Unfortunately, I realized about halfway through printing this set that the files are nowhere near optimized for casual print and play. I'm looking at reducing the card size and making them more readable in black and white printing to save production costs for anyone printing a set of 400 cards.

Finally, I've created a twitter account to talk about updates to the game rather than keep things limited to my own personal account. Feel free to follow along or contact me at @ForcedOutput. I'm sure as we get closer and closer to Gen Con, there will be plenty to talk about.