Bad Detectives is now on sale!

Forced Output is proud to announce that Bad Detectives is now on sale! You can order the game directly from us thanks to our friends at Blackbox, who are handling fulfillment and shipping.

Bad Detectives sells for $30.00 USD + $6.00 shipping. However, shipping is free if you purchase two or more copies.

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Build a Story. Solve the Murder. Discredit your Friends.

You’ve finally made it. As a police officer in the Big City Police Department, you’ve been striving to become a homicide detective and now the position is yours. There’s just two small problems:

  1. Due to an unfortunate series of clerical errors, several of your colleagues have also been promoted to the same position, and

  2. You are, without a doubt, wholly unqualified for this job.

Everything you know about solving crimes, you’ve learned from watching reruns of old police procedural TV shows. You know all the stories of both sides of the criminal justice system, and more than once you’ve been referred to sensitivity training after cracking jokes at a crime scene. Despite this, the top brass have decided to keep one of you on as the new detective. All you have to do is prove yourself by closing out a few murder investigations, using whatever evidence and suspects you can get your hands on. And if you need to take a few liberties with the facts to make your case work, that’s probably fine as long as you can convince a jury, right?

About The Game

Bad Detectives is a tile-based card game designed for 3-4 players and takes 45-60 minutes to play. Taking on the role of homicide investigators, players work together to solve a murder case by connecting the Victim to a Suspect, a Murder Weapon, and a Location. Drawing from a large pool of information based on familiar tropes, players add these cards to the case, collaborating with each other to build connections between Leads. Each piece of information contributed is worth a certain amount of points, depending on how well it helps (or hurts) other players. While the players are working together to build a case and tell a story, each player is ultimately angling to make sure that the information they've invested in will be the evidence that actually solves the case. Players continue to build and rearrange evidence, bringing their contributions into position at the expense of others, until the case is fully connected and a reasonable approximation of justice is served.

With a massive amount of evidence cards to build from, each case is guaranteed to tell a different story full of the tropes you've come to know and love from police procedural shows. And as they say at the Academy: If the facts don't fit, just make new facts.


  • 15 Victims
  • 45 Leads
  • 140 Details
  • 4 Relevance Markers
  • 80 Evidence Tent Flags
  • The Bad Detective Badge of Honor
  • Rulebook